second life building, projects

Here a selection of projects our team did or has participated in:


16Down event in Talpa Drop Zone

[Lost in the] Magic Forest was responsible for the succesful opening event op the Talpa Drop Zone in Second Life on the 9th of february 2007. The rockband 16 Down performed for 90 minutes in Paradiso/Amsterdam and simultaneously in the Talpa Drop Zone in Second Life. The Drop Zone island was completely full way before the start of the event and during the event. To give other visitors a feel of the concert, another nearby Drop Zone island was used to display the live videostream. Afterwards the band did a Q&A with the audience. [Lost in the] Magic Forest was responsible for the avatar design, instruments and animations, stage and event design, security and inworld promotion.

Boer&Croon Nextrategy

Dutch consultancy firm Boer&Croon asked us to develop a sim they can use for presentations, experiments and to show their clients what virutal worlds are all about. This sim will be further developed over the coming weeks.

Avro presence

For Dutch TV broadcaster Avro we created a simple but playfull and sweet presence for them to use in presentations about Second Life.

SLNN Headquarters

Second Life News Network Headquarters. Also see

A complete sim, designed as laboratory, workplace and inspirational space. Welcomed by flying greeter robots, visitors can watch the universe with a telescope and change the weather with a weather machine. Built and designed by Damanios.

aEoLuS Computer Store
Computer shop selling laptops and other hardware. The computers are designed to work in SL, allowing you to, for example, send emails from within Second Life to real- life email addresses. Shop and equipment designed and built by aEoLus. .