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NASA wants a MMOG
6 Business Models for the Metaverse
Teaching pupils with special need on the Teen Grid
Duran Duran Second Life Machinima
Virtual theft punished by Dutch police!
Virtual worlds on the updated hype cycle
Wheelchairrace, anyone?
Virtual Worlds Landscape
Audio from the Virtual Worlds Session@PICNIC Amsterdam
Some notes after the Virtual Worlds Session@PICNIC Amsterdam
Platform virtual worlds launched in the Netherlands
Metaverse 1.0: Setting the standards
Sony Home @ E-Day Rotterdam (incl video of the beta version)
Italian music video set in Second Life, but i dont speak Italian!
Warner Bros. Entertainment will launch their own Virtual World: T-Works
ING Asia asks residents for new logo
Linden Lab releases Second Life Grid
After Second Life it REALLY gets interesting….
World Trend Map
Kaneva about Kaneva
Philips starts sourcing crowds
Catching up with some recent news…
Dutch research shows strategic advantage for businesses
HiPiHi announces global strategy
7 things you should know about Kaneva
Another toybased world for Kids:
Big bucks for virtual worlds and online games
Sky News challenges residents to bring news
Sony Home to Feature User-Generated Content and Sales
The end is near…or?
Metaverse redefined?
Advertising standards for kids in virtual worlds?
Virtual worlds safer for kids then the web itself
Philip Rosedale (Linden Lab) on open source
Virtual Worlds for Children
About Virtual Worlds

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