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Another toybased world for Kids:


 Yesteray I already wrote about the flood of new online worlds, this morning i read the pressrelease of MGA Entertainment, maker of Bratz and, announcing its second toy-based virtual world: Rescue Pets: Its based on the same model that Webkinz uses: buy a real toy and receive a code that gives you credits or other benefits in the virtual world. With Rescue Pets, users buy plush toys in the store and receive a code written on the dogs bone. Each pet has its own, completely private room, and there is  public space in the town square’s arcade where you can earn credits to buy more items for your pet and room. Users are responsible for keeping their pet healthy. Like other kids worlds, users communicate with pre-set messages, in open text messaging with approved friends, or completely free communication.

So kids, more pets to play with!


Full press release:

MGA Entertainment’s Rescue Pets™:™ Find a Wondrous Online Virtual Home!

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rescue Pets™:™, ( a rich and entertaining virtual play world for boys and girls, is now live online, announced MGA Entertainment. The experience of adopting, naming and taking care of one of these adorable pets online focuses on teaching children ages four and up simple decision making and nurturing skills in a safe and imaginative environment. With, owners can navigate through vivid, colorful surroundings filled with impressive activities, games and challenges, all while caring for their new best friend!

“MGA Entertainment is elated to introduce Rescue Pets™:™ to consumers. The product and its associated website are highly original and inventive,” said Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment. “Young fans will be able to explore and be creative in a safe and secure environment while learning the importance of responsibility.”

Owners of Rescue Pets: enter their secret code (included with the purchase of their plush pet) in order to enter a world devoted to their MyePet. After adopting and naming their MyePet online, “owners” have seemingly endless options! Kids start in My Room to interact with their MyePet in an immersive 3D environment. Next, they can wander over to the Flea Market to “purchase” anything necessary for their virtual domain. Accessories, clothing, furnishings, decorations and more are available for each MyePet’s My Room. A myriad of other activities including the MyePets Vet (to maintain health), MyePets Spa (to chill and relax), the MyePets Arcade (for games galore) and more will assure owners and their MyePets always have something fun and challenging to do! In addition, simple-phrased text messaging so kids/MyePets owners can communicate with each other is possible in a safe and secure PDA interface on

Constantly adding new games, rooms, activities, e-cards and more, is an exciting new virtual world where each new visit brings new adventures for “owners” and their MyePets alike.

Rescue Pets™:™ are available now as Golden Retriever, Chocolate Lab and Mutt. Each comes with a secret code card for unlimited access to the online world for your new virtual MyePet to experience. Look for more Rescue Pets: canine characters to be introduced throughout the remainder of the year. MSRP $9.99 each.

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