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Teaching pupils with special need on the Teen Grid


For Waag Society [Lost in the] Magic Forest developed a complete island on the Second Life Teen Grid for the project Self City. The goal of this educational project has been to test a new method for teaching pupils of the Special Needs education branch from the age of 12-14. Many pupils have such a social-emotional or very light mental handicap, that they cannot function properly in a group. One of the goals of special education is to lead these youngsters back to regular education or a work situation. Most of the existing methods are not suitable for this group of pupils, as they are developed for groups.

We developed a complete city on the island with a movietheatre, (fake)gambling hall, basketballcourt and a Heads Up Display (HUD) to assist the pupils in their interaction (see screenshots). The scientific findings of the new teaching method in Second Life have been gathered in this report (Dutch only): Research Report Self City



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