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Platform virtual worlds launched in the Netherlands


 A few days ago a new initiative was launched in the Netherlands called Platform Virtuele Werelden (Platform Virtual Worlds). Its an initiative of EPN, a Dutch research institute and has the goal to gain and spread knowledge about virtual worlds and its possibilities to companies, governments, media and a wide audience in general. Also they strive to define and understand the meaning of virtual worlds and 3d spaces to society.

The platform is formed by a consortion of companies and universities, including Technical University Delft, University of Amsterdam, University of Twente, Erasmus University Rotterdam, ING Bank, ABN AMRO Bank, Philips and the City of Zoetermeer.

A very good initiative showing that virtual worlds are taken seriously and that those major institutes and companies were not blinded by the post-hype depression we seemed to be in the past few months.  ;)

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