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Dutch research shows strategic advantage for businesses


Recent research of the University of Utrecht on why companies establish in virtual worlds showed that Dutch companies feel they have a strategic advantage on competitors. Also they find themselves innovative and feel it gives them a better insight in the behaviour and preferences of tomorow’s customers.

At this moment, at least 34 Dutch organizations and brands are active in Second Life, 29 participated in the research. Almost half of them have a background in media or services. The participants expected to gain a first movers advantage above competitors and made them more innovative. Next to this,  contact, communication and curiousity are other reasons for virtual presence. Dutch companies also work a lot togethe and prefer to cluster their activities (like on ING Banks Our Virtual Holland). Budgets ranged from 2000 - 30000 euro.

The pressrelease can be found here (in Dutch though)

HiPiHi announces global strategy


The new Chinese 3D  virtual world HiPiHi already received quite some press coverage recently. I have not been able to run HiPiHi untill now, but still interesting to read about their global strategy announced in Singapore (reported on Virtual World News). Also they confirmed their strategic investors, including NGI group.

There are three parts involved in HiPiHi’s global strategy.

  • First, HiPiHi will cooperate with global leaders in the Internet and communication industry to establish a set of relevant hardware and software standards for the development of the 3D platform.
  • Second, HiPiHi will cooperate with other major 3D virtual worlds to finalize these standards, and bring the possibility for users to interact and transact between different virtual worlds.
  • Lastly, HiPiHi will actively build its “Global Market Partnership Project”, “Third Party Developer Project” and “Community Partnership Project”, to establish a HiPiHi virtual world global value chain.


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