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Duran Duran Second Life Machinima


For the Duran Duran‘Falling Down’ Video Mash-Up Challenge” a machinima movie has been shot in Second Life. It’s a great video that contains shots of the official video for the track as well as artwork of the new album. If you look closely you will see familiar places in Second Life such as Extropia Core, Maya, MetaXpand and many others. Check out the video below:

Oh and if you look closely you might recognise me as well :)

Some notes after the Virtual Worlds Session@PICNIC Amsterdam


Last week I was part of a panel discussion about virtual worlds at PICNIC in Amsterdam. PICNIC is one of the biggest cross media events/seminars in Europe with a very impressing lineup (ranging from Mr Sir Richard Branson to yoga guru and activist Woody Harrelson).

We recorded the audio for an nice podcast but it seems the output from the audio mixer was far too low. I will try to fix the audio, but let me just share my notes:

Jack Myers, author of the book “Virtual Worlds: Rewiring Your Emotional Future” talking about how Virtual Worlds are becoming an embedded part of our culture. Jack discussed how marketeers unfortunately try to bring their traditional marketing models into a changing media landscape. He stated that those marketeers need to rethink what they are doing and come up with new models for marketing, with a much more customer approach. Marketeers, CEO’s and other decision makers are in that sense confused and overwhelmed by the new media opportunities but are not changing their scope. This has leaded to marketing and branding initiatives in virtual worlds that focussed on experimenting and learning but not actually implementing and making true emotional connections with a community. Jack pointed out the importance of understanding virtual worlds and stressed that particularly virtual worlds for tweens offer huge opportunities. This age group is growing up with virtual worlds, online and serious games and online communities, which demands a radical reorientation for marketeers.

You can download Jack’s presentation here

David Burden of Daden discussed what happens when video games meet Web 2.0 and virtual worlds meet geospatial maps of the planet? David discussed the Metaverse Roadmap and stressed that the internet is mainly about Information where virtual worlds are much more about Experience. The ROI should therefore be more defined along the lines of creating experience and engaging your audience. David also showed some interesting forcast stating we will be moving from a media/social space to a transaction space, a entertainment space and ultimately into and agent space and a dream space.

Download Davids presentation here

After these two presentations there was a panel discussion (more…)

Linden Lab releases Second Life Grid


Today, Linden Lab launched the SecondLifeGrid website, a resource for businesses, organizations and educators for creating a successful virtual presence on the Second Life Grid platform. Second Life is and will remain focused on Residents, but virtual world technology also has a lot to offer to organizations – educators, enterprises, brands, nonprofits, and others – and the Second Life Grid will enable these organizations to understand and create meaningful 3D immersive experiences. Through new programs like the Community Gateway Program and the Global Provider Program, Linden Lab will provide guidance and support for local and international organizations interested in maximizing their participation in the virtual world of Second Life.

The website is clearly focused on those who are interested in a corporate presence, creating clarity in what kind of opportunities presence in virtual worlds can offer for marketing, communication and collaboration. The good thing is that the site offers a lot of information about how to do business in Second Life, ranging from basic info about buying land to a range of business cases and succes stories. Also it offers some good resources about programs, APIs and source code. Considering the recent negative publicity I think its good to have a central point for information about business in Second Life. I am not sure if it can turn the posthype ‘panic’ (well at least thats how it is back here in the Netherlands, its actuatlly not panic, just complete silence). I feel we need much more showcases of intelligent branding, collaboration and experience. That is also the problem with a lot of the cases they present: some good Fortune500 names but where are for example The Greenies or the Weather Channel?

Read the official blogpost here 

Philips starts sourcing crowds



Today I visited the first gathering of the Philips Design Group. Already since a couple of months Philips has been active in Second Life. They are developing an island that unfortunately is still closed for public. On the islands of ING Banks “Our Virtual Holland“, Philips build a few open air meeting areas where they started with there first steps of ‘crowd sourcing‘.

The discussion touched three subjects:

  • the future of packaging
  • the future of clothing
  • the future of self expression

After an introduction (more…)

7 things you should know about Kaneva


Metaversed has a nice overview of some important elements of Kaneva, one of the many virtual worlds out there. Here’s the list: (more…)

Sky News challenges residents to bring news



Since a couple of months Sky News has presence in Second Life. Yesterday I discovered on their website that they launched a “Be a virtual news reporter” challenge. If you as SL resident feel you have a newsworthy story, you can submit your news reports (in the form of a machinima) to Sky News for use on their web site - and if the item is really good the virtual report may end up on UK TV. For this, Sky News has a virtual newsroom in Second Life where you can pick up the necessary tools for your broadcast, like a Sky News microphone and notecards explaining how to create a machinima.

An interesting project, because it not only shows that traditional news services are extending their real life commitment to citizen journalism into SL, it also shows how you can involve an online community (ie an audience) with your brand(ing).

Watch the promotional machinima here

The end is near…or?


We can all pack our bags, according to a variety of (traditional) media. Second Life is dead. End of story. Punkt schluss aus. The tide of the journalistic hype about Second Life has, surprisingly, turned. Wired (once a Second Life adept) published an article about wasted marketing million, Time last week writes about Second Lifes Real World problems and Forbes had a nice piece about vandalism and the effect for realworld brands. The articles talk about companies who have departed the virtual world, usually because of disappointment with objectives not realized, ROI not met, etc. Interesting to see that all those journalist who helped create the hype are now shooting their own baby.


Philip Rosedale (Linden Lab) on open source



On OSCON2007 (O’Reilly Media Open Source Convention, July 27 2007) Philip Rosedale (CEO of Linden Lab) gave a presentation about Second Life and open source.

A very interesting presentation, making very clear that Linden Lab is clearly aiming at open sourcing Second Life completely. As he states, this is the only way to maintain scalability, growth and a leading market position.

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